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Team American Gastro and liver provides utility based model of care that integrates specialists, primary care , laboratory, imaging and other health services to give patients a convenient and superior outcome along with a pleasant experience. Since we primarily focus on outdoor-patient care, on the site instant testing along with detailed and accurate results, we enable our patients and their families save a lot of effort, time and money.


Non-Surgical Treatment of Haemorrhoids

 piles non-surgical treatment Haemorrhoid ligation is one of the most common day care treatments available for patients with haemorrhoids. To do this procedure, a doctor inserts endoscope loaded with specialized rubber bands into the anus. The haemorrhoid is grasped with suction and rubber band ligatordevice places a rubber band around the base of the haemorrhoid. The haemorrhoid then shrinks and dies and, in about a week, falls off leaving behind a scar

This scar holds nearby veins and blood vessels so that they don't bulge into the anal canal and cause again haemorrhoids. The procedure causes less pain and has a shorter recovery period than surgical haemorrhoidectomy. Haemorrhoid band ligation has a limited morbidity, excellent results, long-term effectiveness, and good patient acceptance. Patient can go to home immediately and in majority of cases resume their work very next day.

After this procedure, patients take laxative for few days and drink more fluids to ensure smooth bowelmovements. Excessive Straining during bowel movements can cause haemorrhoids to come if constipation is prevented then haemorrhoid will be permanently cured by this technique.


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We are committed to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive tract and liver. We provide complete day care services related to gastro and liver diseases such as doctor consultation, pathology, radiology, endoscopy, diet and nutrition, pharmacy and alternative medicine under one roof.

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