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Team American Gastro and liver provides utility based model of care that integrates specialists, primary care , laboratory, imaging and other health services to give patients a convenient and superior outcome along with a pleasant experience. Since we primarily focus on outdoor-patient care, on the site instant testing along with detailed and accurate results, we enable our patients and their families save a lot of effort, time and money.


What is an Esophageal Stent?

The tube that carries all the food and drink from your mouth to the stomach is called the Esophagus. However, cancer of the esophagus or a tumor in that region causes narrowing of this tube, thus making it difficult for you to swallow your food, drink or even saliva, a condition known as Dysphagia. In order to provide relief from dysphagia, a short flexible tube is placed within the esophagus, which is medically termed as Esophageal Stent.

What are the benefits of esophageal stenting?

Esophageal stenting proves beneficial in many ways, such as:

  • You will be able to eat and drink with greater ease.
  • It will minimize visits to the hospital.
  • It will help you avoid tube feeding, a painful process.
  • It can also close holes in the food pipe that gives rise to many maladies.
  • Since stenting proves successful in 90% -96% of cases, it keeps you free from worrying.
  • Once placed, it remains in the esophagus, keeping it open.
  • It does not cause any physical discomfort.
  • It is the most suited procedure for resolving your problem.

What are the procedures for placing a stent in the esophagus?

  • First of all, the doctor will either order barium X-ray or conduct endoscopy to determine the type and dimension of the narrowing of the esophagus.
  • You must refrain from consuming any food or drink at least 6 hours prior to the procedure to ensure the result of the endoscopy.
  • You will be given some sedative to overcome any physical or mental anxiety during the procedure.
  • The doctor will then dilate the esophageal narrowing with the help of balloons or dilation tubes.
  • After the narrow area of the esophagus has been appropriately dilated, the stent is passed through the mouth, across the esophagus through an introducing device and finally released.
  • In case of a plastic stent, it will remain in place because of its broader ends, while a compressed metallic stent will expand outward and lock itself by pressing on the narrowed portion of the esophagus from inside.
  • If an expansible stent fails to open fully on its own, the doctor will inflate a balloon within the stent to open it fully.
  • In any case, an endoscopy is done again to ensure that the stent is properly placed.
  • Your health condition will be monitored all the while.
  • The doctor may also ask you to swallow some X-ray dye to confirm that there is no leakage in the food pipe.

What are the complications?

  • Complications usually do not occur after esophageal stent placement, albeit in a few cases where perforation, infection and minor bleeding may occur.
  • However, the doctor can take immediate care of such situations to the fullest satisfaction of the patient.
  • Complications also occur in cases where the patient has history of chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Chest pain and pain as well while swallowing occurs in some cases that can be reasonably relieved by the doctor.


Esophageal stents are analgesic tools for treatment of inoperable esophageal tumors and related malignancies. Placement of these stents are not difficult and do not need any surgical intervention. In fact, these provide relief in a simple way and do not require frequent medical checkup.



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